The idea behind running intervals is to train your body to preform at a higher level by pushing your personal limits in short bursts. Just as important as the training aspect however is the actual interval portion of interval training. The interval is the space between the high intensity effort, it’s the down time, the recovery. Both aspects are equally important and work in unison to improve performance.

Activity without recovery leads to burn-out and injury. Recovery without activity leads to binge watching the reality TV on the couch all weekend. Optimally training is equal parts of each.

This blog is based on that very same concept. There is so much to do and say about running and training that it could easily fill these pages, but I doubt that you or I would remain interested all that long. So mixed in with stories about The Running are stories about The Intervals and ways to maximize our downtime so that we can get the most out of the time on our feet!

Jason Argabrite

As a Certified Nutritional Counselor, Product Formulator, and avid Runner, I am passionate about all aspects of personal health.

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