The Juice Fast, Part 2

Juicing greens for breakfast.

Juicing greens for breakfast.

As successful as our first day on the juice fast had been, day two turned out to be quite the opposite.  Most people will tell you that days 2 and 3 are the hardest of any juice fast, but once you get through them, it gets a whole lot easier.  The challenge, however, is getting through them.  Breakfast juice featured kale, cucumber, red cabbage, lemon, and apple, and was definitely a little more on the savory side.  Lunch on day two featured more greens with apple and pineapple followed by a carrot and beet juice combination.  Thats right, two “lunches.”

One of the things about me that is important to keep in mind is that I have never been a three square meals type of person.  I usually eat about five meals during the day starting with a small breakfast followed by a late morning snack of fruit and nuts.  Lunch is also usually small and is followed by a late afternoon snack that depends on what kind of activity I have planned for the evening.  An hour of cross training requires a meal replacement bar where as a 30-60 minute, moderately paced run requires something smaller like granola.  Finally, dinner is usually a smaller meal portion as well.

Early morning juicing fun!

Early morning juicing fun!

This type of meal spacing was important for me to consider when planning out my juicing schedule.  Since I am used to eating small meals throughout the day, I needed to make sure I had access to smaller juice servings at those same times.  That kept me have have cravings that got too strong.  That also leads me to an important point about how to be successful with a juice fast like this.

It is all about preparation!

When I say preparation, I don’t just mean finding some good juicing recipes and buying lots of fruits and veggies the night before you start.  I mean taking a close look at your habits weeks in advance and making sure that you prepare yourself for the juice fast and prepare the juice fast to suit yourself.

  1. I made sure to have more than just three juices a day because of my normal eating patterns.
  2. I minimized my running and other training sessions.
  3. I steadily cut down on my coffee intake for a week or more leading up to the juice fast.

Had I kept training during the fast I would have burned even more calories and found myself hungrier and hungrier.  Had I not tapered my caffeine intake I would have caused myself some serious withdrawals.  A juice fast is a pretty serious undertaking.  It makes sense that most everyone that recommends a juice fast recommends consulting with your physician first.  Anything this serious deserves some advanced planning and preparation.

This is in fact the point at which my fiancé bowed out.  On the evening of day 2, I found her basically passed out on the couch with a terrible migraine headache.  Considering that this lovely woman was once a barista at Starbucks and is now something of a coffee aficionado, the terrible headache from the caffeine withdrawals combined with the lack of food for 48 hours was enough to do her in.  Preparation is the key.  I cut down my coffee intake progressively leading up to the juice fast and my headache on day 2 was very manageable, and it was gone by the middle of day 3.

After having a fourth small juice, by which I mean about 16 ounces, late in the day, I actually found myself unaffected by hunger and uninterested in more juice.  So that night, for dinner, I made broth.  Basically I just put 32 ounces of water unto a pot and added diced carrot, celery, onion, and a couple of bay leaves and brought it to a boil and let it cook for about 40 minutes.  I strained out the veggies and drank 32 ounces of vegetable broth for my dinner.  Once again the psychology of something warm, like soup, helped me to maintain my comfort level and maintain my resolve.

Day two was done.

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