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Carb Depletion

I recently cut a juice fast short by a day or so in order to make sure I was ready to continue my marathon training, but I knew that three regular meals was hardly enough food to fuel a 17 mile run.  Given this fact, I decided to turn my regularly scheduled training run into an experiment in carb depletion, and ultimately a lesson in carbo-loading.

Getting by with a little help from some friends

Getting by with a little help from some friends

Carb depletion is what happens when your body runs out of the glycogen it needs to convert into energy. Normally when this happens, a runner is said to be bonking.  Bonking is the point at which your body simply refuses to work because it does not have the necessary fuel to operate properly.  The visual of bonking can be pretty disturbing, an athlete whose arms and legs refuse to respond properly to the brain’s commands, instead stutter and flail as he or she struggles even to remain standing.  This is something that all athletes want to avoid for obvious reasons, but for me, I was curious just how far I could get in a carb depleted state.

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