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Last Night I Let a Tiny Asian Woman Walk All Over Me

The calm before the storm

Everything seemed so peaceful at the very beginning.

As a runner, and one who occasionally runs long distances, I am a big proponent of massage therapy.  Now when I say massage I am not referring to the type of Swedish massage that has you fast asleep on the table in 15 minutes.  I am talking about the kind of therapeutic sports massage that features a masseuse that has to remind you to breathe and apologizes for the pain 9 or 10 times in the matter of an hour.  Last night, I let my inner masochist out and paid a little asian woman to make me cry.

Normally it doesn’t come to this, but I have been lax in my stretching and foam rolling and I noticed over the last week that my legs were getting very sore and very stiff.  So I booked a massage with the full expectation of having it be a bit painful now, but beneficial in the long run.    Because I called at the last minute my appointment was with a woman that I hadn’t seen before, named Bee.

“Do you have any problem areas?” she asked.
“My legs. I have been running longer distances lately, so my legs are getting sore.”
“And you want hard massage right?” she confirmed.
“Is it okay if I walk on you?” she asked mater-of-fact.

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