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Running on the Road

Whether you are traveling for work or fortunate enough to be on vacation, being away from home can put a damper on your training. Being in a strange room in a strange city can throw off even the most committed runners. For someone used to training on a consistent schedule and relying on a predefined set of tools, travel can make training difficult, especially if you are like me and hate the treadmill. After completing a couple of trips recently, I thought I would put together a couple of do’s and don’ts for the runner on the road.

Running on Vacation

This is probably the easier trip to plan for.  First of all, hopefully your vacation plans are taking you somewhere scenic and temperate, the kind of place where you want to go for a run.  That was my experience recently on a trip to Hawaii.  Who wouldn’t want to run along the beach at sunrise in K’anapali? I simply packed a couple sets of running clothes, my sun glasses, and my Garmin watch. In this case I chose to leave the headphones behind because I wanted to be able to hear the wind and the surf and the birds. I also left behind any other gear that I normally have for longer runs, because my training didn’t call for anything over 5 miles.


A morning run in paradise

I didn’t do any advanced research on places to run because I assumed that it would be obvious. Our first morning in the hotel we walked down to the beach and saw numerous runners and walkers making their way up and down the K’anapali Beach Path. From there I logged on to the route creator at Map My Run to see just how far a run up and down the beach path would take me. I plotted out a course that would get me the mileage I needed and would have me finishing up at the entrance to Duke’s Beach House for fresh papaya-orange juice and some breakfast. Getting in a run or two during vacation, especially a  vacation like this, is pretty straightforward, much different from the experience when traveling for work.

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A Group of Like-Minded Crazies

The App is on your phone, the phone is on your arm, and your tracking obsession is off to the races!

The App is on your phone, the phone is on your arm, and your tracking obsession is off to the races!

One very good way to keep track of your training progress as well as to develop a strong running support group is to join an on-line community dedicated to the same goals that you are.  For runners there are several very good options, although I must warn you not to join them all.  You will spend more time updating your profiles and logging your runs than actually doing the running!  Because of this, you should check each of these options out, surf through the different features, see if there is anyone you know already signed up, and then pick the one that suits you best.

Here are my three favorites:

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