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The Juice Fast, Part 3

Still juicing breakfast

Still juicing breakfast

For me, all the advanced warnings and encouragements I received were true, Once you get to day 3 of your juice fast, you are home free.  I woke up on the morning of the third day and felt good.  I wasn’t hungry, my headache from the minor caffeine withdrawals was hardly noticeable, and I didn’t really feel too tired.  As predicted, I was doing well.  Day 3 for me proceeded much the way the first two days had.  I had four juices spaced out across the day starting first thing in the morning and ending around 5pm or so.  I made broth for dinner again, only this time I added a tomato and some red cabbage for extra flavor.

I felt like I crossed the threshold from challenging side of the juice fast to the easier, more enjoyable side.

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